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Castle Hotel Třešť

obr_9Situated in a picturesque forest park in the middle of Třešťské Vrchy, approximately 19 kilometers from the regional town of Jihlava, Castle Hotel Třešť ranks among the most popular tourist resorts in the Vysočina Region.


Not Just Quality Lodging in Vysočina


obr_8The large accommodation capacity of the castle hotel is suitable not only for conference and educational activities but also represents an ideal environment for summer and winter holidays, social and cultural events, including weddings, parties, celebrations, reunion parties etc...


Wheelchair-Accessible Accommodation near Jihlava

The hotel offers accommodation both in the main building and in the adjoining boarding house, which offers several wheelchair-accessible rooms. Guests may use the castle dining room, restaurant and lounges, sit at the fireplace in the castle gardens or in winter enjoy the warmth of the fireplace in the castle´s cosy dining room.

HACCP Certification
HASAP Certification

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 Zámecký park u hotelu v Třešti                 Krajina v okolí Třeště