If you would like to relax after a busy day or during your holiday, visit our mini wellness and let us take care of you.               

We offer: 

  • Steam herb bath - harmonizes the body
  • Cellutec massager - produces a non-invasive massage therapy treatment for tissue, skin, muscles, scalp, circulatory system and lymph nodes.
  • Hawaiian massage Lomi - Lomi
  • Chocolate massage
  • Mud wraps
  • Hot stones
  • Classical massage
  • Infrasauna
  • Whirpool

A perfect rest requires not only calming down your soul, but also of the whole body. That’s why we offer our guests at the Castle Hotel Třešť a possibility of a castle wellness accommodation for two. You can enjoy with your partner a extended weekend full of massages, beauty treatments and relaxing moments in the infrared sauna and whirlpool.

A Wellness stay in the castle is a popular way to spend an extended weekend or to escape from the daily stress for just one day. Your wellness stay will be enriched by our beautiful surrounded nature that invites you for long strolls around Třešť. Take a trip to discover the beauty of Vysočina Region – you can relax in the evening with a glass of sparkling wine in whirlpool or enjoy a massage with lava stones. You can reserve the whirlpool and infrared sauna for you and your partner and together enjoy the undisturbed moments.

Are you thinking about where to go with your friends for a weekend? Pick the best from our Wellness Package for women and come to relax with your friends, colleagues, mother or even your sister to us. The Wellness accommodation package for women is often used for farewell parties. Let yourself and your friends be pampered through the weekend by us – try out classical or Hawaiian massage, beauty treatment, infrared sauna or the whirlpool. This awaits you in the Castle Hotel Třešť, just 15 minutes by car from Jihlava. We will prepare the wellness stay which fits your taste, so that you leave us most pleased.

You can also use the Wellness accommodation package as a birthday or anniversary gift. Or surprise your beloved half with a romantic marriage proposal in our private whirlpool. You can enrich your castle wellness stay for two with exercises in our fitness gym or with trips to the historical centre of the near-by city Telč, Czech Republic. You can do some exercise in the morning, then relax with a glass of sparkling wine in the whirlpool, spend the afternoon on a massage and eat something delicious in the evening in our restaurant. Isn’t this the perfect wellness stay on a castle?


We would like you to introduce a new system in thermotherapy replacing classic taking of sauna, based on a principle of warming up the human body with the help of heat transfer by infra-red radiation.
In this form of taking sauna not only the outside part of the body is warmed up but the heat also goes through in the depth of tissue and needed parts of the body are warmed up faster than when you take classic sauna. It comes to warming up the organism by the heat transfer of infrared radiation in an invisible part of spectrum (principle of infra-red lamp), not by warming up from hot air (cca 115oC) as at classic sauna.
The advantage is a lower surrounding temperature (cca 55oC) in an infra-cabin and it makes the therapy possible also for people who cannot use a classic sauna on health grounds (after consultation with a doctor for example asthmatic, allergic, cardiac patients).

Infrasauna burns calories and influences overweight, supports blood circulation and strengthems cardiovascular system, removes pains, relives muscles and stiffeness of joints toxins and mineral vaste, recovers the skin, improves immune system, reduces stress and tiredness. So it can be used in health care, rehabilitation beauty centres, hotels as well as in household all over the world.