Tips for Trips

obr_230The Roštejn Castle
Originally a Gothic border castle was converted into a Renaissance palace in hunting-lodge style in 16th century. After a great fire in 1915 the castle was deserted and turned into a ruin; it was only in 1958 that total restoration began. The castle is a seat of the branch of Highland Museum (history of the castle, etnography, the countryside of the Jihlava Hills, pewter making and stone cutting at the Highland). One part of the former game preserve creates a botanic garden which contains dozens of protected species. The historical feast has been annually held at the castle courtyard as well as traditional Jazz Festival.
To reach the Roštejn Castle from Třešť, the best solution is to follow the blue tourist sign (start in the town centre at the bus station) or from the railway station Třešť-town. The sign leads us out of the town towards pond Valcha where, behind the dike, it turns us to the right. Along a tiny path and over the field we will come to a road where another signpost is situated. After about 800 m we will take left turning and along a forest path reach Roštejn. The whole journey is about 7,5 km long. There are several was back. Either on the foot or to go to Růžená (along the road about 1,5 km) and there you can take a bus to Třešť, or follow the green tourist sign to Hodice (about 3,5 km) and from there to Třešť by bus or by train. If you choose the last possibility you can have a rest at "Kratizna". The whole walk is from 9 to 15 km long and, when the weather is fine, it offers an enjoyable stunnig wiev of Roštejn tower. That´s why the trip is worth taking part.

obr_232Špičák  (Peak) 
Our town can be proud of a beautiful nickname - "a small town below Špičák". The surrounding nature provides many frequently visited destinations for tourists and hikers; the hill Špičák (4 km). There is a national park in the nearby area around the summit (734 m) with total expanse of 45 ha. You can take an enjoyable walk through mixed forest (ash, beech, elm and fir-trees). The best way how to get to Špičák is along the blue sign for hikers (start in the town centre at the bus station). The sign leads us along a few ponds towards a former gamekeeper´s lodge where, behind the house, we find a signpost which turns us to the left. We can reach the top of the hill following the blue sign after 4,5 km. But those who don´t like steep climbing can go on straight along a asphalt forest road to a nice pull-in at the forest crossroads. After a short rest you can go to the left and within about 1 km we run into the yellow sign for tourists. Following it you will go through "a virgin forets Klučí" towards the summit of Špičák. To get back to Třešť you can go along the blue sign to a forest path and along it right to "Hranečník" - a frontier stone. Further go on back to the signpost near the former gamekeeper´s lodge. From there continue along the known road (a few ponds on your left) towards the Castle Hotel and back to Třešť. The total length of the route is about 11 km.
There are not many views of the countryside on the way; Špičák is covered with forest and the lookout tower which used to be there is nothing but a memory today. Nevertheless, the magnificent untouched forest and rocks on top of Špičák will make it up to us.
obr_233The quarry in Čenkov
Not far from the village of Čenkov (4 km), Colonel of the Czech Legion J. J. Švec´s birthplace, a flooded quarry is to be found - one of the cleanest natural recreational swimming pools in Jihlava region. 

obr_313The spring of the Moravian Dyje
The only way to the spring leads, unfortunately, only along the road to Pavlov. After 3 km we reach the crossroads and turn right towards Panenská Rozsíčka. We go on for about 300 - 400 m to a direction sign. There we turn to the left (along the green tourist sign) and after a while we are on the spot. It is worth having there a rest and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Back you can get either the same way or go on along the green sign to Hodice. In this village you can take a train or a bus to Třešť. The route measures 8 km.

obr_314The Devil´s Rock
It is a rocky formation just opposite the railway station in Hodice and it could be an interesting destination for a small family trip. We set out from Třešť along the road leading to Telč. On the way you will drive past the natural swimming pool and the Jewish Cemetery which is also definitely worth visiting. Behind it turn left to a field path. Than cross the railway and turn to the right. There you will find a narrow path leading all the way to a small woods. Without entering the woods, turn left and go down across a meadow to a footbridge over a brook. Cross the footbridge and you find yourself just in front of the Devil´s Rock. The adults can relax for a minute while the children can try to find an imprint of "the devil´s hoof" in the rock. According to a legend, the devil left his imprint there after having clumped angrily when he had lost a bet. The bet said that he would carry stone from to the Roštejn construction site before a cock would crow three times in the morning.
And how will you get back? Again, over the footbridge back to the path and along it across the railway to tha railway station in Hodice and by train to Třešť. The whole walk is about 3 km long and the children will surely enjoy it.

obr_315Renaissance Telč
About 16 km from Třešť, train and bus connection possible

obr_316The Regional Capital Jihlava
About 17 km from Třešť, train and bus connection possible